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Daniel Bilmes

Daniel Bilmes, an emerging artist from Southern Oregon, attended the Bilmes Art School founded by his father, Semyon Bilmes as well as The Ashland Academy of Art. Daniel currently teaches at The Ashland Academy of Art in Ashland, Oregon.

Unusual and interesting life circumstances have invariably shaped Daniel's career as an artist. His father having trained at the renowned Russian Soviet Academy, became one of the nation's leading illustrators after immigrating to the states in 1980. A passionate educator, Semyon Bilmes wanted to share his knowledge with students looking to gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of academic drawing and painting. As a young student, studying under the aegis of his father, Daniel showed his natural talent, sensitivity for the medium, and an acute awareness of the world that an artist needs to create something lasting. Daniel's mother is also an artist, and Daniel attributes his interest in the arts to his upbringing and the family's value of arts and culture.

When Daniel was 10 years old, the family moved to Europe, and lived there for a year. Upon returning to the states, Semyon Bilmes opened the Ashland Academy of Art, where Daniel has played a critical role in the development of the school since its inception. The Ashland Academy of Art combines the classical Russian tradition, with the curriculum of 19th century French, Italian, and German academies. Among Daniel's influences are Rembrandt, Ilya Repin, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, and Sargent.

African Warrior

African Warrior
Oil on linen