Nate Snitzer

Born in Mesa Arizona in 1982, Nate started his art studies in his senior year of high school under his art teacher, Dan Bevington, who had plucked him out of 11th grade and threw Nate into a 2 year AP art program for his final year of high school. After graduating high school, Nate studied for a year at Arizona State University, where he found the art education extremely lacking in the discipline he was looking for. Not to be discouraged, he continued on a path of self-learning after leaving ASU for a couple years until he came upon Collins College, hoping to make it as an animator and 3D artist. Nate finished his education at Collins College and received his Associates in Animation, but in his studies at the school, he had discovered his real true love for the fine arts from his life drawing classes and the traditional teachers at the school who helped pushed him in that direction.

After Nate graduated Collins College in 2004, he moved to South Dakota to begin his formal academic training at the former Pantura Studios in Sioux Falls under painter teachers Hans-Peter Szameit and Sanna Tomac (Now Atelier Stockholm in Sweden). He studied at the school in the classical fine arts tradition of realist painters such as Jean-Léon Gérôme, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, and J.W. Waterhouse.

Nate attended Pantura Studios for eight months before experiencing some major financial setbacks and reluctantly moving back to Arizona in March of 2005. While living in Arizona, he had continued taking workshops from the portrait painter William Whitaker and still continued on a path of self-learning. Nate also worked as an illustrator for a card game company for acouple years before the call of finishing his formal training lured him out to Texas to study with Jonathan Hardesty in July of 2007.

Nate finished up his short studies in Writewright, Texas with Jonathan Hardesty in January 2008 and now currently resides back in Arizona with his friends and family. He is presently teaching private students, group art lessons, and training students online through his training website Classical Palette and painting full-time from his studio in Mesa, AZ.

Red Coat

Red Coat
Oil on Stretched Linen Canvas
22 × 16 inches (55.9 × 40.6 cm)