Eagle Creek

Sunkissed Punchbowl Falls

Eagle Creek is a visual treasure that holds some of the most scenic natural beauty in an area that is abundantly blessed with natural beauty. Lying tranquilly in the middle of the Columbia River Gorge, Eagle Creek is home to of some of the most recognizable waterfalls in the world. Punchbowl Falls is an astonishing work of nature and an always pleasing sight.

My latest trip there almost didn’t happen. I hiked in to get photos of Metlako Falls for the book I am working on and had not planned on leaving the trail to go to Punchbowl. The light was wrong for Metlako, so I decided to visit Punchbowl while waiting on the Sun to move. I am glad I did. As the images show, Punchbowl always presents a pleasing and changing face. After this trip, I have decided to produce a separate page devoted to Eagle Creek. I will be adding more content as time goes on.

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  1. Stone Stacks
    I am not sure why people are stacking these stones. I, for one, hope this is a passing fad that ends with the Spring floods. I try to leave as little record of my visits as possible. What I pack in, I pack out. I try not to disturb the natural surroundings. I have seen these stone stacks at several locations. They detract from the beauty of the location just as we do. We leave. These stacks stay. At Punchbowl, I was taken aback by the quantity of stacks. Rather than spend time stacking rocks, enjoy the scenery. These stone stacks add nothing and are more or less graffiti. Leave these sites as you found them so others can enjoy them without alteration.

    After doing some googling, I found that “rock balancing” is a new art form. While, as an artist, I am well aware that proffering the title of art onto mundane activity elevates the activity in some peoples minds. I am trained to recognize art and appreciate it. Some of the photos on websites devoted to this do reflect an element of skill and design. They also show an empathy with the canvas of their natural surroundings. However, the stacks of rocks at Punchbowl Falls resemble the artwork seen at many amateur art exhibits; poorly drawn, crudely painted and clumsily presented. The stones are stacked in haphazard piles with no respect for the environment. In fact, they detract from the natural art of the Falls. It’s as if someone thought draping colored beads over a Degas improves the original. It becomes visual noise and impinges on the experience. That noise is what most people come there to escape.

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