Today, 3D is big. Creating illustrations and special effects with programs like Lightwave 3D has revolutionized the film industry. What you may not realize is that it touches virtually every area of endeavor. If an inventor needs to develope a visual representation of their product to show investors or speck colors and surfaces, I can help. If an animation helps explain a complex action or just demonstrate its practicalility, I can help there too.

I have done this for several of my clients. In the process, I helped them identify flaws in the product and design features to make it more consumer friendly. Why is this important? They saved thousands of dollars having a prototype made before discovering these problems.

I also do special effects or illustration elements and Hollywood style animations for the films I do. The power of 3D allows me to bring to life familiar objects or create new ones.

Lightwave is a powerful creation, animation and rendering program. I have confidence after 10 years working with it, their isn't much I can't do with it. Visualize your idea, see your project in motion or add real pizazz to your next investor presentation. I can help. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 3D picture is worth at least 3 times that.

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