Video is fast becoming the the preferred media for information delivery. The unparalleled growth of the internet and personal computers allows the proliferation of video sites like YouTube that display thousands of videos with millions of views every day.

This produces an overwhelming abundance of noise that makes getting your message heard severely limited. Viral videos that rise above this noise and draw millions of viewers are rare and short lived phenomenon. Producing a video that is heard needs the direction and vision of a person that has experience in numerous disciplines.

I have always believed that constructing a good video production uses the same talents and intuitions needed to produce any effective graphics piece. The advantage is the pictures move and are accompanied by sound. Now that High Definition is readily available, quality of image is approaching that of print.

Many of my clients have extended their efforts to video presentations. Some have struggled through the early low resolution tape technology and are now embracing high def. They realized the potential of the video message and the value of that effort.

CONTACT me today. Together, we can craft an effective video promotion.

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