I have been an Illustrator for 30 years. I create illustrations for book and magazine covers, articles, books, posters and much more. Virtually every project I have designed also included one or more illustrations.

I started illustrating for newspapers. I produced editorial and advertising illustrations. These were done old school, i.e. before computers. I used pen and ink, pencil, paint and airbrush. Some of those early examples are in the gallery below.

When I got my first Mac, I begin to immediately develop my skills using the available software, Adobe Illustrator. I also used several early photo editing programs to "paint" in.

Then Photoshop arrived and the world of illustration would never be the same. I could wax eloquent on how this has affected traditional illustration, but I wont. Suffice it to say, I embraced Photoshop and never looked back. Some may say that anyone can create an illustration with the computer. It is easier to create or alter an image now but what the image says or provokes is what makes a good illustration. That will never change as long as humans are creating the image, The computer is, after all, only a powerful tool.

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 ASTERIA Little Match Girl Book Illustration Book Illustration Book Illustration Poster Illustration Poster Illustration Gaea Book Illustration Magazine Illustration DVD Cover Earth 3D Sisters
Justice Book Illustration Book Illustration Book Illustration Book Illustration Book Illustration Magazine Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Poster Illustration  ASTERIA
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