I have been a Photograper for most of my life. I inherited my interest from my father, who servrd as his company's photographer where he recorded many historic scenes as Europe was liberated during World War II.

My career in photography has included a 5 year stint as a photojournalist with a newspaper, product and fashion photography with several companies, including my own design firm. I have even photographed several weddings.

My first real camera was a Nikkormat (Nikon) 35mm SLR. Later, I upgraded to a Nikon FT II. I also added a Mamiya 645 medium format and a Yashica mat twin lense reflex. When I switched to Digital, I went with Canon. I still use canon equipment and the images below were recorded with my Canon EOS 10D.

My design philosophy about photography is heavely influenced by my art training. Technical aspects have been picked-up on my own with extrodinally kind help and advice from the many photographers I have known. I have read many books on lighting and composition, but the most influential ones were the Time-Life Library of Photography, which, as a teenager, I purchased with a subscription.

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