The expression, "You can't tell a book by it's cover" is true for books and people. Leaving the design of your masterpiece to a cheap but inexperienced amateur or letting a publisher decide what face your work will present to the public, results in disappointment and lack of sales.

In my career, I have designed hundreds of covers. But more than that, I am a writer and avid reader. I have helped authors cover their work with attention grabbing designs that provoke, entertain and produce sales.

Producing sales is the main objective of a book cover. Once the labor of writing is done, then comes the hard work of marketing the book in an increasingly crowded and internet saturated marketplace. It's a jungle where experience is rewarded with success.

When you're ready to publish your next great work, think about the impact a cover design from an experienced designer and book lover will have on the marketing efforts. More people will see your cover in ads, on the web, in book reviews and in store windows than will ever see the actual book. In a very real sense they will tell a book by it's cover. It's up to you what that message will be.

CONTACT me today. Together, we can design a cover that will make you proud.


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